Sailing Afternoons

"Cat Nap" the catboat at the2015 Alexandria Seaport Festival.

Replica of a 19th Century gunning skiff built with Home Depot lumber for $300. Sailing on the Potomac River, Leesylvania State Park, VA.

Cat Nap at my boat shop- Woodbridge, VA.

Bow view of the gunning skiff ready for the bottom, seats, and inside trim.

Building the gunning skiff.

Sailing Afternoons is located in Virginia, where we reside close to the Potomac River.  Our current activities include wooden skiff, pond yacht construction, and the ever present boat repairs using non powered tools, no toxic materials, and building by hand and eye.  When building by hand and eye, we use a simple method of proportion rather than drawings and building plans.  This type of boat building has its roots in the Viking age.

The pond yachts are reminiscent of the 19th century before radio controls and electronic gadgetry.  The pond yacht "flatiron skiffs" are scaled down one quarter size from the actual full size boats.  Once you build the model the full size boat is easy.  The models are nice for display or you can use them for sailing on a pond.

Our New England cat boat, "Cat Nap" is now tucked in for the winter season.  "Tippy" my eleven foot version of a gunning skiff will be in use this Fall. I no longer hunt, but it is a fun small boat.  The Potomac River is great for sailing as well as other water activities.  Most of the time we sail out of Leesylvania State Park.  From Freestone Point to Deep Point the river is wide like a large lake with plenty of creeks to explore.